Packages & Pricing for 2017

Core Modules

  •     Student Information System (SIS)
  •     Student Billing
  •     Examination Management System (EMS)
  •     Employee Attendance (Biometric sync)
  •     SMS & Email Integration
  •     Mobile App
  •     General Reports

Premium Modules

  •     All features of Core Modules
  •     Pre-admission & CRM
  •     Learning Management System (LMS)
  •     Financial Accounting
  •     Payroll & Inventory
  •     Library Management
  •     Web Portal (Teacher, Student and Parent)
  •     Custom Reports

Lite Up to 250 Students

  • Core Modules: NRS 400/yr per student
  • Premium Modules: NRS 1000/yr per student
  • Storage: 20 GB

Standard Up to 500 Students

  • Core Modules: NRS 300/yr per student
  • Premium Modules: NRS 700/yr per student
  • Storage: 30 GB

Professional Up to 1000 Students

  • Core Modules: NRS 250/yr per student
  • Premium Modules: NRS 500/yr per student
  • Storage: 50 GB

Professional Plus Above 1000 students

  • Core Modules: NRS 200/yr per student
  • Premium Modules: NRS 450/yr per student
  • Storage: 100 GB

ERP deployments are highly time-consuming – projects may take 3-12 months.

Private Hosting Price Automated workflow, improved efficiency, complete visibility, integrated information, customized reporting, and tailor-made security.

Hosting at Client’s own server is taken as Enterprise Version. Enterprise version is Ideal for large or highly resourceful organizations or groups of institutions with multiple programs. The cost of Enterprise version hosting at client’s server is given below.

Initial Cost

Core modules NRS 1000/- per student
Premium modules NRS 1500/-per student


Core modules NRS 200/yr per student
Premium modules NRS 300/yr per student

Premium ServiceSupporting customers in achieving maximum results.

Premium Service is especially designed for Enterprises that have minimal tolerance for service interruptions and strict escalation requirements. e-Zone provides fastest response time, preventive support, high-touch technology consulting, customized training or expert assistance to keep your configurations tuned & up-to-date, Premium Support has it all!

An integrated, multi-disciplinary technical account team delivers a truly personalized and managed Service & Support experience that helps you stay ahead in the competitive online space.

To qualify as a premium client, you must meet one or more of the following thresholds:
Fee rate: You must be offering the best fee rate of the industry
Quality offerings: The best teaching learning process provider in your category
Growth rate: 30% or above growth rate per year


An introductory package to Premium Support offering key preventive support services including:

  • Dedicated support for milestones
  • Fastest response time
  • Customized training


A comprehensive package ideal for recent go-lives to help achieve optimum use of e-School software in the shortest possible time. Package Includes:

  • Dedicated onsite support
  • Customized training
  • Expert assistance
  • Fine Tuned & up-to-date configurations
  • Dedicated offsite support management


A complete and unrivalled package that helps you meet the stringent demands from business stake holders in top tier schools and colleges. Package Includes:

  • Fastest response time
  • Preventive support
  • High-touch technology consulting
  • Customized training
  • Expert assistance
  • Fine Tuned & up-to-date configurations
  • Dedicated onsite Support Manager onsite
  • Option for stringent SLA timelines
  • Access to System Architect onsite

The 2006 CHAOS survey by The Standish Group reveals that across all industries only 35% of software implementations are considered successful, 19% are considered failures, and 46% are considered to be challenged.
So, select perfect software, passionate professionals and certified company to meet your business objectives.

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Boston International College
Softwarica College
Golden Peak High School

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University Grants Commission
Tribhuvan University, Nepal
Higher Secondary Education Board(HSEB)
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